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You’ve come to the right place: a platform for questions and answers concerning Sharon Chung's campaign. We see interacting with voters, honesty and consistency in our campaign, and accountability as important parts of getting our points across.

How do you feel about the affordability of health care?

The high cost of health care often prevents people from getting necessary care or getting medication prescriptions filled. It is no secret that health care costs disproportionately affect uninsured adults, Black and Hispanic adults, and those with lower incomes. Accessing dental, hearing, and vision care is also an affordability issue among adults 65 and older because those benefits are not typically covered by Medicare.  As a state representative I will fight for lower health care costs so people can get the care and medications they need.

What is the Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan and why do you support it? 

I believe strengthening our economy begins with rebuilding our infrastructure. We must invest in maintaining, improving, and innovating for the wellbeing of our society.  Rebuild Illinois will create steady jobs and vastly improve our roads, bridges, aeronautic facilities, railways, universities, and early childhood centers.  The plan will invest $44.8 billion over the course of six years and create approximately 90,000 jobs per year.

Where do you stand on women’s rights? 

I am committed to end the struggle of violence against women.  I will work tirelessly to invest in domestic violence shelters, provide mental and physical health care for survivors, and keep guns out of the hands of abusers.  I fully support a woman’s right to choose and will fight for women to make their own reproductive health care decisions.  I believe that all women should have access to critical health services.

How do you plan on helping people keep up with the cost of living?

I know our dollars aren’t going as far these days.  The rising cost of living and inflation makes it tough to keep the bills paid and food on the table.  I support cutting gas taxes, grocery taxes, and lowering the cost of health care. It’s these measures that will directly impact the people most affected by inflation and cost of living increases.

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